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COVID Protocols

We would like to start off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has been coming in and dancing with us every week! We love having you back in the studio with us! To ensure that we are practicing social distancing please review the following Guidelines and Precautions to have the best experience here at Dynamic Movement LA!


*Classes end 10 minutes early to ensure that we have enough time to sanitize in between classes. 


*To ensure we do not have too many students inside of the studio at a time, please be sure to pick up and drop off your students according to the scheduled times (Keeping in mind each class finishes 10mins early to sanitize)


*Students please stay inside of the studio to wait for your parents until they get here. Please DO NOT wait in the plaza parking lot.


*Parents and family members we ask that there be no sitting in the lobby allowed at any time, in the exception of Toddler parents.

(Toddler parents- in the event that you need to stay inside for your toddler there are designated seating areas in the studio)


*Masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES fully covering your nose and mouth. Removing your mask during class is NOT allowed. 


*Students must wash their hands before beginning their Gymnastics/Acro class




Your safety and health is our utmost priority! Review the guidelines and precautions below and stay safe!


"PERSONAL DANCE SPACE":  We will be taping  x’s on the floor as the student’s personal dance space. This is to ensure that the students maintain social distancing during class. Students will be able to see and acknowledge a safe distance of 6 feet between themselves and other dancers in the class. They will not be allowed to have any physical contact with each other at this time. Social distancing will be implemented throughout each class. 


MASKS:  Masks must be worn by all, upon entering, while in the studio, and exiting the studio. Masks must be worn at all time during classes. Students parents must also wear masks when dropping off and picking up their children.


"SANITATION TEAM":  We have a team of staff in place that will be at the studio every night to wipe down, disinfect, and sanitize all surfaces and floors before and after each class, as well as throughout the classes. We will be putting 10-minute intervals between classes to provide our team with extra time to do this.  


LOBBY: At this time, we ask that parents and families do not stay in the lobby. You are welcome to come into the lobby to set your child up for classes (with 6 ft social distancing) but then, for safety purposes, we cannot allow parents to stay in the studio during classes (unless you need to meet with staff members, for which you must call in advance). You are welcome to call or email the front desk for any information regarding classes or your bill.  



  • We will have several bottles of hand sanitizers all over the studio as well as antibacterial hand soap in our bathrooms for effective handwashing. 

  • All students and staff must wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and/or sanitize before and after each class. 


TEMPERATURE:  Every person will have their temperature taken with a no-contact forehead thermometer upon entering the studio. This thermometer is placed near (but not touching) your forehead and will be sanitized after each use (even though it does not require contact). Those with body temperatures of 100.0 F or above will not be allowed to enter the studio. 



  • We will ask you if you have had any symptoms of illness before entering the building.  This is for the safety of all of our students and staff.  

  • We will also ask for you to fill out the Covid-19 Liability forms.


IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL (or have any symptoms of any illness), please stay home and self-quarantine.



  • No eating will be allowed anywhere in the studio at this time for sanitary reasons. 

  • Snacks will still be sold from the vending machine, although not allowed to eat until you’re out of the studio. 

  • Only water is allowed.  All water bottles must be labeled with the student's full name (to ensure that students only drink out of their own bottles). 


MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS PER CLASS: Depending on which studio we will have a maximum of

-     Studio A: 5-6 students per class 

-     Studio B: 12-15 students per class 


This will be to ensure social distancing practices.  

Let’s Work Together

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