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Pole Dance Studio

Pole Dance Fitness
Must be (18+)

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Say goodbye to boring gym routines! Pole fitness combines strength, grace, and creativity to ensure an exhilarating full body workout every time!

Are you new to pole fitness? Join our beginner-friendly class to learn the fundamentals!


Ready to take your pole skills to the next level? Let our experienced instructors fly you past your superman and more!

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Pole fitness is for everyone! Regardless of age, fitness level, or background, Come join us. Let the pole be your stage for growth, empowerment, and endless possibilities!​



7:00 PM - Pole Heels (Beginner) - Monica 

8:00 PM - Pole Heels (Beg/Int) - Monica 


7:45 PM - Pole Fundamentals (Beginner) - Chrissy 

8:45 PM - Pole (Beg/Int) - Chrissy 


7:45 PM - Pole Trixers ( Intermediate) - Kim 

8:45 PM - Pole Fundamentals (Beginner) - Kim 


2:00 PM - Pole Choreography (Beginner) - Monica

3:00 PM - Spin Pole (Beg/Int) - Monica 

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